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Teen Auto Insurance Guides


Tips For Teens


Learner’s Permits and Teen Drivers

The learners permit is the first step a minor must take in order to obtain an unrestricted driver’s license. Learner’s permits generally involve a number of requirements which vary by state.


Five Driver Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Driving a car is a huge responsibility and taking the steps necessary to stay safe while you are driving is absolutely critical. Here are five tips for staying safe as a young driver.

Tips for Parents

What to do if your teen gets a traffic ticket


Tickets themselves can cost several hundreds of dollars and the additional points on your teens driving record may cause increased insurance premiums for several years.

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Intermediate License and Teen Drivers


The intermediate or provisional license is the second step your teen driver must complete in order to receive his or her unrestricted or full license.

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What is a Graduated Driver’s License?


A graduated license requires a new driver to complete a series of steps before they receive an unrestricted license. Generally speaking this is a three step process.

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Why Choose Teen Motor Insurance?

More Than Savings on Teen Auto Insurance is the place to get the information you need to make the right choices about teen auto insurance. Not only will you find ways to save some serious money on your insurance premiums, but your also find some great tools for teen drivers and parents too. Driving for the first time is exciting for teens, and, often nerve-racking for parents. Learn from experts how to make teen driving more affordable, safe, and how families can talk in a healthy way about all facets of teen driving. For everyone in the family, it’s important to do a little homework, breath, and enjoy the ride together!

WHY You’ll Save

The key to finding the best policy for your teen driver is to have the facts in hand as to the proposed cost of your policy, whether it’s added onto an existing adult’s policy, or if it’s a new stand-alone policy for a teen driver. The way you can do this without making yourself crazy is to get the facts. Apples to apples, how do the policies compare? Use the same deductible amount, same collision coverage specs, and other options to ultimately compare what price the insurance providers want to charge for the same coverage. By matching up quotes from three or more insurance providers, you’ll usually find that one vendor is the best fit for you with a comparable level of service, and often with a significant cost savings over other companies. The only way you’ll find out is to get three quotes! So get started, and start saving today!

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